Off Gassing From The Cloud

Off Gassing From The Cloud | Bluerider Art | 2019

Off-gassing is commonly referred to as a chemical smell. An invisible gas that is produced from manufacturing of plastics. It’s that new car smell. The smell of a new toy. The smell your instincts say hey, something’s not quite right, yet your eyes are screaming yes I want it!

I imagine a ‘cloud’. The ‘cloud’ that we’re told all our information from our phones and computers go to. One ‘cloud’, that holds all the information from social media all over the world. That ‘cloud’ is uploading millions of images that are shared over and over and over again. I bet if we considered what images were more abundant than all others in this ‘cloud’, that the images wouldn’t be art historical.  Nor would they be medical, nor social, nor family photos. They would be millions of cute puppies, kittens, hearts, line stickers, and memes. The sheer magnitude of these shared cultural images is so overwhelming the ‘cloud’ is off-gassing them.