Servant To Infinite Distraction

Servant To Infinite Distraction | Unix Gallery | New York | 2016

Eastern mystics have said, “The root of all sorrow is desire”.  Yet our desire to live for the enjoyment of self entangles us all in unhappiness. Is there ever an awakening? In ourselves or maybe historically in the expression of art? You think after a few thousand years art might have unveiled this mystery since art is a byproduct of society AND a bringer of culture. Art is said to lead and follow. The discourse of art usually involves the artists and critics as magicians and presenters, unveiling the curtain to show us who we really are and how we really feel about ourselves. Usually the questions art raises make us feel a bit queasy about society rather than ecstatic about mankind’s wellbeing. 

Maybe we’re beyond happiness. We’re all just junkies. We have Uber as our personal chauffeur, endless food delivery services, always sitting comfortably switching between the same 3 apps for hours, texting with friends and strangers worldwide never having to see anyone for days on end, wirelessly stream every song ever made throughout all of time, and continuously imagine ourselves in situations that will literally never exist. 

We care more about instant gratification than anything else. We’ve built a culture driven by drugs and booze. We sleep around a lot. We’re becoming even more egocentric. We date for the sake of dating. We aren’t fans of making compromises. We believe in fairy tale endings. We’ve been fooled into believing perfection is attainable. Love is confusing. Happiness is always one click away.

“Servant To Infinite Distraction”, Desire Obtain Cherish’s works at UNIX Gallery seems to be swimming in this exhaustion without shame. Dynamic response to this over stimuli and excess of social and media and popular culture. DOC’s paintings explode with huge blasts of paint that only serve to wash the palette of something that feels like a drug induced attention deficit disorder.

“We are on a never ending quest to attain happiness, yet every lesson we’ve learned since birth has epically distracted us to a cathartic apathy. We are centaurs of half constructs of social conditioning and half delusions of grandeur.” - Jonathan Paul